Product Discovery

Upcoming weekend session!

On the 18th of November and the 02nd of December at 09:00 am CET, I’m kicking off a new group for my cohort: Succeeding With Product Discovery.

Goal: Understanding how to apply product discovery to steadily create value + secrets to get support from high-level management.

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Applying product discovery in practice

9 out of 10 ideas will fail

The faster you identify bad ideas, the quicker you thrive


  • Understand what product discovery is and what it solves

  • Learn how to escape from common anti-patterns

  • Applying product discovery from 0 to 1

  • Preparing, running, and collecting insights from customer interviews

  • Writing meaningful problem statements

  • How to gain support from high-level management

  • How to start with product discovery

  • Key elements to thrive with product discovery


  • Concise and applicable insights on how to do product discovery right

  • Templates & frameworks to accelerate product discovery

  • Hands-on exercises with direct feedback

  • Real-life examples and learnings from them

  • Applicable insights used in B2C & B2B

The workshops will equip you to apply product discovery right. Your toolbox will be sharp enough to go from zero to one as well as step up your game.

It took me a while to get product discovery right. I hit the wall several times before succeeding. You don't need to take this bumpy road. I can help you understand what it takes to apply product discovery right from day one.

My strategy has worked from startups to well-established corporations, from South America to Europe. It will work for you too :)

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Note: This session is limited to 40 people. Get your 30% discount

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