Sitemap - 2022 - Untrapping Product Teams

Don't treat all decisions the same

Product Strategy Made Simple

Be Careful! Assumptions Are The Mother of Many Problems!

Never Ignore the Importance of Teams Setup

Extensive Product Backlogs = Lack of Focus

Companies Will Fail Until They Can Overcome their Fear of The Unknown

Everyone Wants Something Done by Yesterday, How do I Handle that?

Scrum Teams Are Powerless Without Knowing When and How to Say No!

Discovery Made Simple

My Roadmap Traps Me, What Should I Do?

We Failed Agile! Shame on Us!

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Transforming Useless Retrospectives into Powerful Ones With Action Items

Falsification Mindset: Reducing the Number of Useless Solutions Built

Scrum Doesn’t Work for Big Companies. How True Is That?

Less Is More! Five Golden Rules for Feature Minimalists

Four Techniques Most Scrum Teams Get Wrong

Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Shape Up! Which One is The Best Fit For You?

Sorry! ALL Agile Frameworks Will Suck Without a Value-Driven Mindset

Why Creating Tech Debt Is a Necessary Evil

Icebreakers: An Easy Applicable Way for Engaging Sprint Retrospectives

Scrum Teams Do Not Have To Deliver Features Every Sprint

Implementing Scrum Without Talking About Scrum

Why Too Many Scrum Masters Are Not Ready for This Tricky Job

Why Many Companies Fail to Hire Outstanding Scrum Masters

Five Reasons Why Developers Miss Chances of Creating More Value

5 Pointless Versions of Scrum Masters

The Three Phases Scrum Teams Go Through to Become Outstanding

Beyond Features — Final Act

The Demotion of Scrum Into Waterfall

Beyond Features — Chapter VIII

Sprint Retrospectives Made Simple

Beyond Features — Chapter VII

Beyond Features — Chapter VI

How to Avoid Meaningless Daily Scrums

Beyond Features — Chapter V

Why Developers Hate Retrospectives

Beyond Features — Chapter IV

Beyond Features — Chapter 3

Beyond Features — Chapter 2

What Does It Take To Create Value for End-Users and Businesses?

How to Convince Top Management to Support Agile

Backlog Items Age Like Milk; Not Wine

Beyond Features — Chapter 1

Mastering the art of saying NO!

Is Scrum a Heavy Meeting Machine?

Who Should Lead the Scrum Team?

Six Dangerous Pitfalls Scrum Teams Often Face

The Agile Product Manifesto Is Born

Should a Team Lead be The Scrum Master?

How Crafting Sprint Goals Can Set Your Scrum Team’s Fate

Are You Doing Product Management or Bullshit Management?

Agile Estimations in a Nutshell

Are Product Managers Wasting Their Time with Meaningless Meetings?

Is The Scrum Master Really Needed?

Should Teams Drop Scrum When They Reach Their Highest Potential?

7 Hacks to Boost Product Managers’ Productivity

Why Estimation Sucks.

How Product Managers Can Avoid Miscommunication

Difference Between Product Owner and Product Manager Explained

What I Learned From a Decade of Product Management Experience

Don’t Panic! Any Crisis Is Solvable!

What Can You Learn From FBI Negotiation Techniques?

No, You Don’t Need More Than 4 Hours a Week to Manage Your Product Backlog

More Compromises = Less Value

If You’re Not Ready to Take Risks, You’re Not Ready to Succeed.

Product Owners Must Go Beyond Scrum!

Stop Applying Makeup on Reality

How to Understand Your Agile Maturity

Becoming a Value-Driven Professional

Is Scrum Trapping Developers? Or It’s Just a Blame Game?